PATRONIS ... a name synonymous to papers.
With a tradition of more than 80 years, our company is one of the oldest family businesses in the Greek paper market.

"Three generations ..."
... In 1944, Christos I. Patronis and his associates founded "PATRONIS - DIONYSOPOULOS - REVEZIKAS" paper trading company.

24 years later (1968), the company changes its form to "CHRISTOS PATRONIS and SONS SA", with Christos' sons Evangelos and Efthimios to be adding special papers into the company's objectives.

From 1990 onwards, Evangelos Patronis together with his wife Helen, while looking for new ideas for the company, penetrate in the field of paper packaging, thereby increasing the range of business objectives.

Nowadays, the grandson Christos Ev. Patronis and his mother, continue the company's tradition in the paper industry, while have focused on the vertical production and distribution of paper made items, thus inspiring a new vision for the business.